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MEMPHIS — For the second time in just over a month, Memphis Police were back at the Governor’s Inn on Mt. Moriah to investigate a shooting inside the hotel.

When they arrived, the 37-year-old victim was sitting in the lobby.

“He just yelled in pain from his 20 minutes before the ambulance came.”

James Zhang was behind the front desk when he said the victim, who was not a guest, showed up asking for help.

The victim told authorities he was getting off the elevator on the second floor when he was approached by a man in a black mask who demanded money and then shot him.

“He had blood all in the elevator all the way to the couch in the lobby.”

Tayvo Santana heard the gunshot.

He said he and his wife have been staying at the hotel for about 3 weeks and he doesn’t feel safe.

“All these doors like right now anyone could walk in.”

In September, a man was shot during a robbery at the hotel. In May, a woman was also shot here.

In 2014, the District Attorney’s Office even shut down the hotel for drugs and prostitution, but it was allowed to re-open.

The clerk said the man shot Monday morning should never have been on the second floor.

“Two years ago we got a fire on the second floor so the whole floor locked.”

Still he admitted the hotel needs more cameras and locks on all the outer doors.