Police: Oklahoma teen arrested after strangling, cutting 4 y/o’s throat

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DEL CITY, Okla. — An Oklahoma teen is facing serious charges after allegedly attacking a 4-year-old left in his care.

According to affiliate KFOR, the 17-year-old family friend was at the family’s home early Sunday morning before they were supposed to head to church. The mother reportedly left the home for no more than 30 minutes and when she returned she discovered her young son in the bathroom with what police said was “a pretty good cut right under his throat.” Authorities also said the child had been strangled.

The victim claimed he had been asleep when the teen entered his bedroom, put his hand over the child’s nose and mouth, and slashed his throat.

The child was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Thankfully, he is expected to be okay.

As for the teen, authorities said he refused to tell them why he did it.

“He will not talk, he will not give us a reason why. We have no clue why he did what he did,” Del City Police Maj. Ted Kleber said. “Family has no clue why he did what he did. He’s never shown any signs of violence like this before, or done anything like this before.”

All he would say is that he doesn’t remember the attack.

Police didn’t buy it and recommended he be charged with aggravated assault and battery as well as assault with a deadly weapon.

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