Police: Officers shot, killed knife-wielding pregnant woman


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SEATTLE — Seattle police say a 30-year-old woman was shot and killed after authorities responded to a burglary call at her home.

On Monday, investigators released a four-minute audio clip of the officers involved before they arrived at Charleena Lyle’s home to take the report.

Officers can be heard talking about the woman, saying she has what’s called an officer safety caution in her file due to past interaction with police.

She had reportedly been arrested 26 times, with the latest arrest just last week on harassment charges.

In this case, CNN reported the officers seemed familiar with her and knew she had mental health issues in the past.

Officer 1: I’ve been out here for another DV (domestic violence) with her son.

Officer 2: Wait, is this the one with the three kids?

Officer 1: Yeah. Yeah. So this gal, she’s the one making all the weird statements about how her and her daughter are going to turn into wolves.

Their interaction with Lyles seemed calm at first.

Officer: Hello. Good morning. Did you call (unintelligible)??

Lyles: Yea.

Officer: Ok.

Officer: Alright, can we come in?

Officer: What’s going on this morning.

Lyles: Um, there was a break in.

For the next two minutes, officers talked to Lyles about the reported breakin and began taking inventory of the missing items.

Officer: So you said an Xbox was taken??

Lyles: Yeah.

Then suddenly, authorities said Lyles had a knife in her hand:

(Scuffle can be heard)

Officers: Get back! Get back!

Officers: Hey! Hey!

Withing 10 seconds, officers said Lyles was dead.

Now family and friends are left wondering if anything else could have been done to de-escalate the situation.

“Why couldn’t they have tased her? They could have taken her down. I could have taken her down,” Lyles’ sister, Monika Williams, told Q13 News.

Police confirmed Lyles’ children were inside the housing at the time of the shooting, and are now being cared for by family.

Lyles was also reportedly pregnant at the time.

Both officers, who have yet to be identified, were put on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the Force Investigation Team’s inquiry into the case.

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