Police chase suspected robbers through Carriage Crossing

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. --  Police were reportedly involved in a chase and short standoff at the Carriage Crossing shopping mall in Collierville.

The two suspects reportedly shoplifted from a department store over the weekend.

Officers were there in minutes, but the suspects ran through the outdoor mall that was crowded with families. A shopper at the mall snapped a photo of an officer with his gun drawn after finally catching up with one of the alleged shoplifters.

Collierville Police never responded to our requests for information on what happened, but several witnesses told us two men walked out of the Macy's department store after apparently shoplifting. Police reportedly tried to stop them, and they took off running through the outdoor mall.

"I'm surprised they would be so bold to run around and have cops chase them, and cops would be so bold to have their guns drawn," shopper Victoria Wade said.

The sight was unusual for the suburban mall, and while many families understood officers being cautious chasing them with so many people around, others said they should take the risk and show force.

"They should have shot them," shopper Shannon Hendricks said. "Until someone gets their attention, it's not going to change ... until they're scared of the police, us, whoever."

We were told one man had made it all the way across mall grounds and was near Highway 385 before he was caught.

The other made it to a getaway car where a driver was waiting. Even after he was inside the car and the officer stood blocking their path, witnesses said the men wouldn't get out. They ignored the officer's commands until finally we see one officer open the car door and make the arrest.

"The fact they did that shows you're not dealing with the brightest people," shopper Ruth Zurka said. "You don't steal because sooner or later you're going to get caught."

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