Police officer in Arkansas falls in icy pond during dog rescue


PIO: Springdale police discourage officers from jumping into an icy pond without proper safety gear.

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — An emergency call came in about a teen in a kayak who was trying to rescue a dog that had fallen into a partially frozen pond.

An emergency call came in around 5 p.m. Tuesday for a teen who was attempting to get a dog that had wandered out onto a partially frozen pond and fell in.

When first responders arrived, a Springdale police officer saw a teen who had tried to reach the dog using a kayak out in the pond and rushed over to the boy.

The officer took off his police belt, walked into the knee-deep icy pond over to the boy, and pulled him to safety.

Other officers and first responders started arriving on the scene.

Springdale Police Officer Peter Reynebeau arrived on the scene and heard kids and other neighbors calling for the dog, Teddy. Whimpers could be heard coming from the dog as it paddled around in the icy water.

Officer Reynebeau saw a neighbor carrying a kayak and jumped into action. Another officer grabbed another kayak and the two headed over to the edge of the pond to start breaking through the ice to get to the dog.

Kids and neighbors started calling for the dog in hopes it would swim toward the officers.

Just as things were looking up, the two officers made it to an opening in the ice where the dog was swimming. Teddy started swimming toward Officer Reynebeau.

He reached down into the frigid water and pulled Teddy onto the kayak. In an effort to stabilize the kayak, it flipped sending Teddy and Officer Reynebeau into the icy pond.

They didn’t give up, the two started swimming back toward the shore.

The teen and dog ended up being okay.

Now freezing cold, Officer Reynebeau ran back to his patrol vehicle and started to warm up. He was later taken to the hospital for observation as a precaution due to the cold temperatures.

Springdale police discourage officers from jumping into an icy pond without proper safety gear, according to Springdale Public Information Officer Lt. Jeff Taylor.

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