Police: ‘Nazi’ vandalism suspect admits pro-Trump sticker was trigger


Heather Waddell

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One of the suspects involved in the vandalism of a man’s truck in a Walmart parking lot this week has been captured.

Heather Waddell, 30, was charged with felony vandalism after being booked into jail on Friday.

According to police, Waddell was caught on camera coming out of the Austin Peay Walmart. Some time later, the female suspect was seen spray painting “Nazi” on the victim’s vehicle, which was parked in the handicap spot at the front of the parking lot, and then jumping into a Chrysler Pacifica with a man.

WREG’s Troy Washington spoke with the victim John Hopper on Monday.

“I had a Trump sticker on my car,” Hopper said.

As far as he can see, that’s the only reason vandals targeted his ride.

Waddell confirmed that theory to police on Friday.

“I saw a truck with a couple of pro Trump stickers,” she reportedly told police. “The sticker carries it’s own weight in white supremacy. With a sign on a car that says “Proud of Trump.” These are the people that carry around automatic weapons.”

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