Corinth Middle School students caught with guns on campus


CORINTH, Miss. – – Two students at Corinth Middle School in Mississippi are facing serious charges after police say they were caught with guns on campus Wednesday afternoon.

According to the school district, administrators were told a student had a gun. School officials haven’t said where that tip came from but claim they immediately detained the student and called 911.

Corinth police say the young man then ran from the campus and threw the weapon down in a nearby field. Officers arrived minutes later and say they quickly found the student and the gun. 

After further investigation, police say a second student was also found with a gun. Officers took both young men to the juvenile detention center.

Angela Cobbs has children in the district and lives down the street from Corinth Middle School.

“Somebody could have actually got hurt,” Cobbs said.

At this time, investigators don’t believe the students intended to use the guns but Cobbs says she’s skeptical because of what she’s seen kids in the neighborhood do to each other.

“They fighting. They jumping each other. They got so much going on,” Cobbs said.

Greg Jacobs tries to mentor young men in the community. He’s sad to see two students get in so much trouble. They are both charged with bringing a weapon on school property.

“You know, young men getting in the system and throwing their lives away. It’s a cycle,” Jacobs said.

He hopes the two young men will avoid that cycle.

“I hope that whatever time that they are locked up for,” Jacobs said, “I hope they get an understanding of how they are and why they in there.”

At this time, the school district is not releasing the ages of the students or what grades they’re in.

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