Police: Memphis man escapes custody twice and leads officers on foot chase

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is facing a long list of charges after police say he escaped custody twice.

Investigators say Marcus Dotson first escaped custody after officers confronted him Tuesday morning as he was allegedly pushing stolen lawn equipment near Southern and South Greer in the East Buntyn neighborhood. They had to chase him on foot after he took off running.

Police caught up to him but claim he got away even after they Tased him twice. Officers say they used Tasers because the 37-year-old kept trying to fight them off.

Investigators say Dotson then slipped out of a squad car after slipping out of his handcuffs. They say he had two sets of cuffs on but freed his hand from one of them before sliding his arm through the metal bars to open the back door.

Officers found Dotson at a nearby home, hours after they say he escaped the squad car. They say he still had at least one pair of cuffs on but didn’t resist arrest this time.

Dotson’s charges include burglary and evading arrest. He will face a judge Thursday.

Investigators say Dotson stole lawn equipment from a home on South Greer, but what bothers neighbors even more is he allegedly stole from a man who recently passed away. That man’s neighbor called 911 and claimed to spot Dotson walking down the street with the stolen goods.

Mike Williams, president of the Memphis Police Association, says incidents like this are happening more frequently because of the current tension between law enforcement and communities across the country.

“Individuals are resisting the police these days because they figure police are not going to go the limit,” Williams said. “Because they (officers) don’t want to be the next headline story.”

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