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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A 29-year-old man was shot and killed after making his way into a Hickory Hill apartment Thursday evening.

“I heard about 4 to 5 gunshots,” said Midriquez Green.

He said someone then banged on his front door. It was the man staying in the apartment two doors down while the tenants were out-of-town.

“He was shaken up,” he said. “He said someone broke into his house, and he shot him.”

Green said he frantically asked for his cell phone to call police.

“I’m glad he wasn’t hurt,” said Green.

Officers said they found a man shot in the head and leg. He died before they got there.

They combed for evidence and talked to witnesses for hours, and the next morning, gave an update on Twitter.

“Scared. It could happen to anybody. It could have happened to me. I was so fortunate he didn`t get shot,” said Green.

Police have yet to say who the intruder was or what he was after.

Without those answers, neighbors told WREG they’ll remain on edge.

“You have to be careful and be on the safe side,” said Green.