Care patient says he stabbed woman after waking up from dream

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — A man was arrested on attempted murder charges Friday after he said he had a dream, woke up and stabbed a woman in his home.

Deputies said the victim is an employee at Comforting Angels Home Care service. She was rushed to the Regional Medical Center in critical condition, although her condition was upgraded by Sunday.

According to a report, the victim and a male home care employee were sitting on the couch inside the home on Moss Bank Cove early Friday morning when the man stepped out to use the restroom.

While walking down the hall, he said he passed 23-year-old Jacob Graves.

The man asked Graves if he was okay, to which he responded that he was going to get something to drink.

Several moments later, the witness said he heard the woman begin yelling his name. He rushed back to the living room to find the woman on the floor bleeding.

She reportedly had multiple stab wounds to her stomach and arm.

The man said he called 911 and, while waiting for first responders to arrive, Graves allegedly pulled the seat off a toilet and began tearing up the house.

Police found him sitting on the front step with blood all over his hands.

Police said Graves told them that he had a dream and simply woke up and started stabbing the woman.

Neighbor Christopher Jones says Graves has 24-hour care with two care employees swapping in the morning and night.

“From what I heard he was a level 6 patient. They got to keep eyes on him at all times,” Jones said.

Jones says he’s seen Graves have what he calls “episodes” before, but nothing to this extent.

“He drew some crazy picture and put it in my mailbox and put it in everyone’s mailbox, and the neighbor ended up calling the police on him,” Jones said.


Neighbors said they believe Graves wasn’t supposed to have any sharp objects in the house, so they don’t know where he would have gotten the knife.

With a neighborhood full of kids, some residents were too scared to go on camera, but said Graves also drew pictures of guns, putting it in their mailboxes.

They say police weren’t able to do much because he didn’t physically do anything wrong.

“The system needs to work on doing something about that,” Jones said. “They just don’t need to get out back on the street like that.”

Although Graves has no prior history in the Shelby County criminal system, his neighbors can’t understand why someone they say has mental issues lives in their neighborhood instead of a facility, potentially putting them at risk to be hurt next.

They’re hoping he doesn’t get released to be put right back in their neighborhood.

We reached out to the home care company but have not received a response. They said they should have on Monday.

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