Police: Man lured out of home, shot multiple times by neighbor


LA Parrish

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man was charged with first-degree murder after witnesses say he set his neighbor’s car on fire and then shot the man dead.

According to witnesses, LA “Popeye” Parrish was spotted July 2 walking down Lake Grove in North Memphis with a gun in one hand and a can of gas in the other.

He set James Terry Dowdy’s car on fire and then waited for the intended target to come out of his home. When Dowdy came outside, Parrish walked up to him and shot him multiple times before fleeing the scene, court records state.

When first responders arrived they found Dowdy suffering from his injuries and his car still ablaze. Dowdy was pronounced deceased a short time later, police said.

Parrish was found sitting on a front porch about half a mile away. He was taken into custody and charged with murder and setting fire to personal property.

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