Police: Man lied about being attacked, robbed in order to get ride home


John Carlson

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man needing a ride home got a ride to the Shelby County Jail instead after police say he lied to them about being attacked by two armed black men.

According to police, John Carlson called 911 on Monday claiming to have been the victim of a robbery. He stated he was walking down Dexter Road when two black men in a red Dodge Charger pulled up, got out armed with guns, and tussled him to the ground. They then took $200 in cash and fled the scene.

He also claimed to have sustained an injury to his neck during the incident.

However, once at the police precinct authorities said his story started to change and they quickly realized he had made the entire thing up.

According to police, Carlson stated a female acquaintance kicked him out of her car following an altercation. He said he needed a ride home so he called 911.

Carlson was charged with filing a false police report, a felony offense.

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