Police: Man attacks woman, threatens to kill officers after mom refused to give him $2


Bryan Harris

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  A local man reportedly threatened to kill officers and attacked a woman after his mother refused to give him $2.

Police first responded to the Barron Avenue home early Saturday morning after Bryan Harris allegedly vandalized his mother’s home. The victim told police it all started after she refused to give the man $2.

He then went to the southwest bedroom door, kicked the door down and broke the glass in the backdoor. He then grabbed the woman’s lawnmower and took off.

Two hours later, Harris reportedly returned and tried to start a fight with the mother. Another woman inside the home intervened and that’s when Harris allegedly picked up a rock and broke the rear and front windows of his mother’s car.

Not backing down, the second woman told him to stop. Harris reportedly slammed her to the ground and bit her on top of the head. She was taken to St. Francis Hospital for treatment.

But the suspect’s fit of rage didn’t end there.

Once taken into custody, Harris repeatedly tried to kick out the windows and doors of the squad car, officers said. He was then taken to the Regional Medical Center where he resisted officers and staff.

At one point, he even threatened the officers saying he would shoot and kill each of them as soon as he gets out of jail.

Harris was charged with domestic assault-bodily harm, disorderly conduct and vandalism.

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