Police make arrest in hit-and-run that left Marine veteran with severe injuries


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Christopher Paden is still recovering from a horrific hit and run but is feeling a little better now that the man accused of hitting him is behind bars. 24-year-old Joshua Pollan was arrested Monday. He’s charged with attempted first degree murder.

“I mean, it’s a relief knowing that he’s getting served his justice,” Paden said.

WREG first told you about the incident several weeks ago. It happened around three in the afternoon on March 1st while Paden was crossing Stratford Road with his 5-year-old daughter and their dog. The 33-year-old says he was headed to pick up his two other daughters from Berclair Elementary when he saw a Nissan Pathfinder swerving through traffic.

“So, I stop in the middle thinking he’s just going to plow through,” Paden said.

But Paden says the driver stopped and started yelling at him.

“He starts becoming erratic so I throw him the bird and he charges me,” he said.

Paden says he pushed his daughter out of harm’s way and braced for impact.

“Like if he’s going to hit something I want it to be me,” he said, “He flipped me on the hood. He carried me about 70 yards before we changed lanes and I ended up rolling into the street.”

The driver sped off leaving Paden with severe injuries including two broken legs and a broken hand. The Marine veteran spent eight days in the hospital and had to undergo several surgeries.

Police investigated the incident for nearly two months and developed Joshua Pollan as a suspect after following several leads including one that involved that Nissan Pathfinder. Investigators say Pollan sold it to a man in Arkansas and told the buyer the vehicle was damaged because he hit a deer. 

Paden says the ordeal left more than physical scars. All three of his daughters saw the whole thing.

“They have night terrors about the incident,” he said.

Pollan is due in court next month.

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