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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Surveillance video from the Midtown Wingstop showed two men robbing the Union Avenue Restaurant; one held a gun at the counter while the other jumped over it.

General Manager Elma Allen said there were three employees working; they all ran off during the incident.

“For that to happen here or anywhere its terrifying,” Allen said.

Allen said the incident was too traumatizing for one employee.

“She was scared to work here behind the situation, didn’t think she’d be able to continue her employment here,” she said.

No one was physically harmed, Allen said. She credited her preparation for any type of crime at her business.

“We always try to have some type of communication with employees about what to do in situation like that,” Allen said.

“Don’t argue with the people. Give them what they ask for so you don’t put yourself in danger,” said a current Wingstop employee who did not want to be identified.

Allen said she also installed new surveillance cameras just two months ago. They now could be the key to police cracking the case.

“It’s very clear video,” she said. “Hopefully with the help of the public they can get some kind of results from the video.”

In fact, she says she thinks the two suspects are Wingstop customers. And luckily, they didn’t get away with anything; police said after fiddling with the cash register they left empty-handed.

“I hate it has to be that but everyone’s mind isn’t focused on working and getting things legitimately,” Allen said.

Her advice for other managers: be just as prepared as she was.

If you recognize the suspects, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.