Police looking for elderly south Memphis woman in scorching temperatures


Lula Walton

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Memphis Police are asking for your help finding an elderly woman they say could be in danger.

Lula Walton has not been seen for several days.

Police say she walked away from her south Memphis home and suffers from a mental disorder and illnesses.

Now in these scorching temperatures it is critical Walton is located soon.

Albert Walton spent his day thinking about and looking for his 83-year-old mother, Lula Walton.

He says he hasn’t seen her for three days.

“Yeah I’m worried about her if she’s going to be alright. She a smart lady though. She knows how to get around,” he said.

The heat index expected to climb to 105 degrees, it is dangerously hot.

Walton was last seen on her way to the store.

She lives in south Memphis, off Farrington.

“Got her little pocket book and said she was going to the store,” he explained.

Living in the community for decades, Walton is well known.

Her son telling us she’s disappeared before and always returned after a few days.

“I got other friends out here looking out for her. I made sure of that.”

He’s confident she’s finding some cool places to pass time.

“Now one thing about her she’ll go to these hamburger places and stuff. She loves to go to McDonalds and Burger King and then there are times she will go to the hospital. ”

He says family called hospitals but she’s not there.

Walton’s son has been talking to police. They say they talked to an employee at a Save A Lot about a mile and a half or so from her home. They say the 83-year-old was buying a bag of ice.

“So if she bought a bag of ice shes somewhere around here in the neighborhood with somebody. That’s the way I feel about it,” he said.

If you think you see Ms. Walton you’re asked to contact the Memphis Police Department at 901-545-2677.

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