Police investigating Uber driver for aggressive behavior

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police said they were investigating an Uber driver for forcing a passenger to kiss him after taking her home.

The victim didn’t want to discuss what happened with WREG, but police wrote a summary of the situation in the report. According to the report, when the Uber driver got to her house on Mud Island, he got out of the car, walked her to the door and then forcibly kissed her.

“We live in a world where someone can just do that, where men can violently take over. That’s freaky,” said Elizabeth Schmidt, visiting Beale Street from St. Louis.

After police traced the Uber ride summary, they determined Stanley Allen, 33, was driving the car. He was listed as a suspect in the report, but had not been arrested.

WREG went to his home to get an explanation but no one answered.

The story is a warning for people like Jon Hicks, who said he takes precautions when using ride share apps.

“Have a friend with you or be on the phone with someone or if you’re by yourself, even pretend to be on the phone so it looks like you have someone who knows what’s going on,” Hicks said.

An Uber representative said the driver had been suspended and lost access to the app.

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