Police investigating another I-240 shooting incident


A bullet hole is visible in J.J. Doan’s car.

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — J.J. Doan counts herself as the latest victim of gun violence on Memphis highways.

Doan drives the same stretch of highway every day. Last Friday was no different.

“I was on my way home from work. I’ve been making that ride 23 years,” she said of her commute from Hickory Hill to Bartlett.

But this ride took a different turn as she entered the Interstate 40/240 split.

“There was a car two car lengths in front of me. As I just eased off to the right I thought I was running over rocks. It scared me because the noise was so loud,” she said.

She thought she blew a tire so she hurried home and had her husband turn on the outdoor lights.

She parked and got out.

“When I opened the door part of the bullet fragment fell on the concrete. That’s when we realized I’d been shot at,” she said.

There are six bullet shots on her car; you can see them all across the entire driver side of her black sedan.

“This one here is the one that went in under my seat and the bullet was found on the passenger side,” she said. “I truly believe God had his hand on me because this could’ve very easily have killed me.”

Doan is just the latest victim in a string of similar incidents on Memphis highways.

In all of them, victims said it made them afraid to do everyday activities.

“That’s the reason I think it hit Sunday night. I knew I had to get back up, get on the expressway. And coming home last night it was pretty nerve-wracking,” she said.

Doan said she thanks God she’s okay and her faith will help her recover. But she hopes her fear reminds others to think before they shoot.

She said she does not think the shooting stemmed from road rage.

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