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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police were called to Whitehaven overnight following a shooting at C&A Diesel Services in the 600 block of East Raines Road around 2 a.m. Friday.

Owners C.R. and Al Wilson were a little rattled after stopping a burglar in his tracks.

“He come in here and he didn’t realize my brother, we is in here all time of nigh,” one of the brothers said.

The owners said they were staking out the business, keeping an eye on things after they were robbed several months ago. They said at that time a man cut through their fence and stole about 25 batteries. Those batteries are worth about $200 a piece.

On Friday, they said the man came back and tried to rob them again, but they were ready.

Al Wilson opened the business door and saw the man had something in his hand. That’s when he opened fire towards the suspect. He said the suspect fell to the ground and then took off.

“I surprised him when I raised the door, He went around the side and he had something in his hand, a shiny object. I couldn’t tell what it was. That is why I fired my gun.”

He says when the burglar jumped this fence, e left behind a glove and some bolt cuttters.

“We are going to let police know what’s going on. We’re not out here for any Wild Bill shooting out here. We are out here taking care of our own.”