Police identify two victims in deadly Tate county crash

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TATE COUNTY, Miss. — Speed is largely to blame for a deadly crash in North Mississippi Wednesday afternoon.

As WREG reported a car collided with a bus head-on. A local who lives on the stretch of road the accident happened explains why it’s already dangerous.

Authorities confirmed that driver 27-year-old Darrell Sayles and the passenger 25-year-old Tara Davis were the ones killed in the head-on collision.

It happened yesterday afternoon in Tate County on highway 4 near Linwood.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol says Sayles was speeding down the to lane road and tried passing someone.

The car was headed east. Sayles didn’t see the bus until he got over the top of the hill and at that point, it was too late.

Mike Mabry lives up the road

“It could have been my family,” Mabry said.

He says accidents happen in that area all the time.

“If you’re trying to go over the top of that hill and there’s a car coming right on you if you get out there you going to get hit,” Mabry said. “There’s no way you can see it.”

The bus driver suffered minor injuries and thankfully no children were on board.

“If he hit the bus that hard somebody would have probably gotten hurt bad,” Mabry said. “It could have slammed them into the back of a seat, the head.”

Authorities don’t know why Sayles was speeding.

Mabry is sad to hear it was a factor.

“You can bet on one thing if you got speed in cars you can get killed quick,” Mabry said.

Especially on this stretch of road.

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