Police: Girl, 1, shot by 4-year-old with assault rifle


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A one-year-old Mississippi girl is recovering Tuesday at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis after being shot by her four-year-old cousin. 

Alexis Johnson went live on Facebook Sunday as she rode with her daughter to the hospital Sunday. 

 “I was at the store and my sister called me and said my baby shot herself with an AK-47, but anybody that’s smart would know a one-year-old can’t shoot theyself with no AK-47,” said Johnson.  

Holly Springs police say a four-year-old was playing with an assault rifle when it went off, striking the one-year-old in the right hand. Johnson says the four-year-old is her daughter’s cousin.  

It’s not clear how the child got ahold of the gun, which Johnson said belongs to one of her sister’s friends.  

“I seen when he walked in the house with it but I would’ve thought he would put it up ‘cause it’s four kids running around the house. I thought he would have put it in the closet or something. I never thought my baby would get shot,” she said. 

Johnson said her daughter had her second surgery Tuesday and will undergo a third surgery on Thursday, but is expected to regain full use of her hand.  

Police said CPS was investigating, but CPS said it was unable to confirm due to Mississippi privacy laws.  

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