Police find weapons, drugs in room at Quality Inn Suites after security guards bust in

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A couple of suspected drug dealers are behind bars thanks to some quick work by several hotel security guards. They were busted at Quality Inn Suites off I-240 in Parkway Village.

Things could have ended badly for the security guards, because the alleged drug dealers were armed with several weapons. One of the guards knocked on room 4-20 around midnight Saturday, and Ondrae Pirtle opened the door.

Police say the guard smelled marijuana and saw guns. That’s when he and two other guards took everyone inside the lobby and called police.

“I think it was pretty brave of them,” hotel guest George Chigas said.

Police recovered three different kinds of weapons, including a high-powered AR-15 pistol. With that in mind, Chigas is glad the security guards weren’t shot. “I feel like they took a big risk.”

Police also found several baggies of marijuana, a baggie of Oxycodone pills and nearly $600 in cash. They arrested Pirtle and Michael Roberts. Both are charged with illegal gun and drug possession with intent to sell.

Chigas is glad they’re off the streets, but he knows it won’t do much to stop illegal drug use in Memphis. “People always find that kind of stuff, sadly,” he said. He hopes the suspects will turn their lives around. “I would love to see them change their lives in a positive way.”

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