Police: East Memphis burglars possibly responsible for Bartlett burglaries

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police in Memphis and in Bartlett believe the same vehicle was used in break-ins in both cities.

They’re asking people to keep an eye out for a early 2000s model blue Chevrolet Trailblazer with dark tint and silver rims with the center caps missing. According to Bartlett police, the license plate is 2D70G7.

A woman in East Memphis told WREG the crooks pried open the door at her home Monday in a neighborhood off Kirby Parkway.

She discovered what had happened when she returned home around 12:30 p.m. with her children.

“I just looked through the door. I didn’t want to come in,” she said.

Inside, broken glass and food were strewn across the floor and furniture had been overturned.

The burglars made off with a 65-inch television, several smaller electronics and three guns.

“I had to really, like, keep calm, because I didn’t want to, like, scare my kids and I was by myself,” said the homeowner.

A Skycop camera across the street was able to capture the suspects’ Trailblazer leaving the homeowner’s driveway.

Bartlett police believe the same vehicle, which may be stolen, was used in a number of burglaries in Bartlett.

WREG asked Bartlett police how many burglaries there were and when they occurred. BPD responded, “We are attempting to gather information as well.”

BPD didn’t confirm whether they were looking for multiple suspects or just one and didn’t clarify about whether the Trailblazer had been reported stolen. A Facebook post read, “The driver is not known to the registered owner of the vehicle.”

“I don’t care about stuff. Stuff is replaceable, but the fact that I felt, like, violated that they were in my bedroom and that they had to ability to make me uncomfortable in my own home, that’s why I was upset,” said the homeowner from the Memphis burglary.

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