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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police are investigating after a couple was robbed at gunpoint while walking down the street in Midtown.

According to a MPD report, a couple was walking down North Willett Street in the Evergreen Historic District at around 10:30 p.m. June 21 when two men in a sedan began yelling at them.

The couple continued walking, and that’s when they were approached by the two suspects, both of whom had handguns.

The men stole a wallet, iPhone and other valuables. The victims claim they fired a gunshot at them as well, something neighbors verify.

“I heard something that almost sounded like a firecracker, then I heard tires screeching and I thought, I bet that was a gun,” a neighbor said.

That neighbor told WREG someone started knocking on their door, which they say was “unusual.”

“It was a couple who seemed really disoriented,” the neighbor said. “Then I went outside and called 911 for them.”

We spoke with some residents who have been in this area for decades, and they say violent crime has never been a problem. According to Memphis Crime Tracker data, this is only the second 911 call in this block of North Willett this year. The other was for vandalism back in January.

This recent scare has caused some residents to question their safety.

“It absolutely changes it,” a resident said. “I think I was maybe being a little bit naïve and felt comfortable.”

Residents have spoken with law enforcement, shown off security footage and even banded together with the hopes of forming a neighborhood watch. They’re determined to prevent this kind of violent crime from becoming a regular occurrence.

“I feel really great,” one resident told WREG. “I feel like I live in a very strong community, and I’ve always felt that way.”

Memphis Police have not released information on the suspect or their getaway car.