Police Call-Off Search For Missing Baby


Andrea and Aniston Walker

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(Memphis) Police say the investigation is not over, even after calling-off the search for little Aniston Walker.

It’s now day three and there’s still no sign of the 7-week-old.

Her mother is still in jail and police say, so far, she’s isn’t talking.

The baby’s mother, Andrea Walker, has been interviewed by police and they say she hasn’t been cooperative.

Detectives believe Walker knows something and the child, at the very least, was seriously injured.

After scouring all the places Andrea Walker traveled the day her daughter disappeared, officers feel they have no other obvious places to look.

It hasn’t stopped neighbors in Walker’s Raleigh-Bartlett neighborhood from doing their part

“I looked in my garbage can and I looked to my barbecue grill and there was nothing,” said Next Door Neighbor Debra Finley.

“Do you find yourself looking around and wondering where this baby is?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Yeah and I hope the baby’s OK,” said Geralene Catron.  “I really do.”

Police don’t believe the baby is OK.

The baby’s mother is in jail charged with aggravated child abuse because she says she left her 3–year-old son and 7-week-old alone and that’s when she says the baby disappeared.

Walker’s next door neighbor says she sees Walker with her two older children, but has never seen the baby.

“I knew she had those boys but not the baby. Sure didn’t,” said Finley. “I’m just surprised as everybody else.”

Police took Walker’s car to look for evidence, used cadaver dogs to sniff around her home and even sent officers in water to look for clues.

Despite the search, many believe the person who will break this case sits in a jail cell.

“If she did do something, let her come forward and confess,” said Finley.

Police say Walker’s two other children, ages 3 and 5, are now staying with family members. Walker is being held on a half a million dollar bond.

Police ended the search for the baby 6 p.m. Saturday night.

Police are still asking anyone who knows something to come forward.

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