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MEMPHIS, Tenn. –A Burger King employee is accused of pulling a gun on a customer on Wednesday afternoon.

The scary moment happened at around 1 P.M. at the Burger King on Deadrick at Lamar.

Burger King employee Oderrial Moore-Williams is accused of pulling a gun on a customer when the customer complained about her order.

“They want to act like the customer owe them when it should be better customer service,” said customer Daryle Hatley.

Judging from the police account, the customer service was downright scary Wednesday afternoon.

“Lord have mercy,” said customer Sylvester Chillis.

“This is really shocking. This is like one of the first shocking things I’ve heard for 2020,” said Lisa Rush, who lives across from the Burger King.

The victim tells WREG she was in line at the drive-thru when she informed employees that they had charged her too much for her order.

She said Moore-Williams began cursing and yelling at her, although Burger King employees have a different account.

“We was still on the inside. She came back in the inside starting stuff, kept talking. And my boss asked her to leave. She would not leave,” said employee Germany Parker.

The victim told police she eventually drove around to the front of the business where four employees rushed her car and began yelling.

She said she pretended to reach for something in her car, and that’s when Moore-Williams came out and pointed a gun at her.

WREG asked Parker if he saw anyone point a gun at the customer, but he said he didn’t.

Police arrested Moore-Williams and charged her with aggravated assault.

A witness reportedly told police they saw Moore-Williams hand her gun to another woman in a waiting car. Police were able to collect the gun when the woman returned.

“There’s a ways to handle things and I think that management or somebody above management need to go, just sort of screen their workers to make sure that they know how to handle things,” said Chillis.

But at least some Burger King employees believe it was the customer who was out of order this time.

“If you come with problems, problems gonna follow you. That’s what you gonna get,” Parker said.