Police: Arkansas woman stole nearly $800,000 from company over the years

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BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. — Sabrina Minyard is accused of stealing nearly $800,000 from Temps Plus, the company she worked with for 22 years.

Arthur Pointer says he doesn’t know how no one noticed the missing money over the years. “It’s hard to believe that someone could work with someone that long and not notice that much money missing. That should let you know the temp agency was making good money in order not to notice it,” he said.

Blytheville Police say, eventually the agency’s owner, Peggy Lemons, caught on to Minyard’s scheme after an audit of the businesses books revealed the unthinkable.

“That is lowdown, really, to tell the truth about it,” Pointer said.

Minyard is accused of stealing from the company since 2007. Lemons told police Minyard was using her signature stamp to make sure checks cleared.

Pointer says the company he works for has turned to Temps Plus for help before. That’s why he says it’s disheartening to hear about the embezzlement charges against the suspect.

We reached out to both Lemons and Minyard for comment. Neither have given us a call back.

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