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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — “That’s crazy. I don’t think my sister did it, though.”

That’s what Jessica Coleman said when we told her that her older sister Roshonique Coleman was accused of hurting her boyfriend.

“They probably got into a fight, but she is not going to run him over,” she said.

But a truck driver who stopped at railroad tracks on Warford Monday afternoon says that’s exactly what happened.

When police got there, they say Tavari Golden was 150 yards down the tracks on the ground with Coleman kneeling over him.

The truck driver told officers he saw a car follow Goldman down the tracks, hit him from behind, drive over him and keep going.

That victim told police he and his girlfriend, Roshonique Coleman, got into a fight while driving South on Warford.

He says he got out of the vehicle and walked down the tracks.

That’s when Coleman got into the driver’s seat, drove onto the tracks and ran him down.

In 2016, Coleman was accused of threatening her mother with a knife, but the charge was dropped.

She was arrested for assault in 2016 and 2017 but only got diversion for resisting arrest.

Jessica said she is concerned about her sister, but says she’s responsible for her own decisions.

“She is grown,” the sister said.

Golden was taken to the hospital, but was not seriously hurt.