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(Bolivar, TN) A former officer of the law is behind bars, charged with harassment after an elementary school, and officers in Bolivar and Hardeman County were targets of a threatening Facebook rant.

It was a revolving door outside Bolivar Elementary School Monday.

Parents in a panic rushed to pick up their little ones after another parent, Jonathan Trent Wilbanks, mentioned the school in a series of angry posts on Facebook .

“Lock and load boys. I’m coming with a vengeance. This *expletive* ends now,” stated one of the posts.

“I’m scared. I’m scared for the students for the teachers. I even told the cop in there stay safe,” said Vera Rogers who picked up her granddaughter.

Rogers says just the possibilities of what could happen are devastating, “It could be one of my grand kids, it could be a teacher that I know.”

In a later post Wilbanks says, “Whiteville PD and Bolivar PD, y’all better suit up! Y’all’s is a coming too!!! Hardeman County fixing to be turned on its head!!!”

Posts from friends encourage Wilbanks to calm down, to which he posts, “And before all you silly pathetic a***s turn this into something that it ain’t; I’m not threatening anyone with bodily harm. This all going to Federal Court, I assure you. And this little white boy fixing to become a VERY RICH MAN!!!”

The last post, DAMN!!! THIS FEELS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!! To finally get to F*** everybody that has ever f***** me!!!!!” was made around 6 Monday morning.

To fight Wilbanks’ threats, Bolivar Police and Hardeman County Sheriff’s Deputies guarded Bolivar elementary, middle and high schools all day.

“At no time was any child in danger while at BES,” said principal James Rutherford.

Even though threats were made and officers spent the day at the schools, they were never on lock down.

Right now officers are questioning Wilbanks to find out what triggered his threats against a school his own child attended.

While everything ended peacefully Monday, Rogers is afraid her grandchildren won’t feel safe at school.

Wilbanks was fired from the Bolivar Police Department in August of 2012.

So far, no one has given News Channel 3 a reason for his termination.

Monday’s harassment charges aren’t the only charges on Wilbanks record.

In 2012, he faced domestic assault and reckless endangerment charges following in incident involving his wife.