Plumbers robbed at gunpoint while on the job in Nutbush

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two plumbers in the middle of a job were recently thrown into a nightmare.

“I thought it was my last day, you know?” Antonio Arciniega said.

He said it happened while he and his colleague were working inside a vacant rental home on Wales near Jackson Avenue in Nutbush.

“Everything passed so quick,” he said.

Arciniega said they were near the washing machine when two men with guns came in through the front door. He said they asked if the house was for rent but he knew they weren’t there for a tour.

“They are already pointing with the gun,” Arciniega said.

The 28-year-old said one man tied his legs up while the other forced his co-worker to the ground. He said the gunmen took their wallets and smashed their phones so they couldn’t call anyone. Arciniega thought they’d leave after that, but the man who tied him up wasn’t done.

“And I say man, you already got what you want. Just go,” Arciniega said. “And he say what you looking at?”

Arciniega said he hit him in the head with his gun and then took the keys to the plumbers’ work van. The two robbers used it to make their getaway while Arciniega laid on the ground in pain.

“It just hurt a lot. A lot of blood on the floor and my shirt,” he said.

The two workers eventually made it to a neighbors house and used the homeowners phone to call 911. It’s been two days since the incident. Police are still searching for those robbers. Police found the work van abandoned in a Frayser neighborhood Thursday.

Arciniega’s wife Alma is terrified by what happened but thankful her husband wasn’t killed. The couple is expecting a baby girl.

“You can never replace someone, and we’re very grateful to have him still with us,” she said.

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