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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Could Memphis’ tallest building come crumbling down? Demolishing 100 North Main is one of several proposals the city is discussing as part of its $200 million Accelerate Memphis plan.

Right now, it’s just a proposal and no decisions have been made.The city has $10 million to work with and that money may well end up being used to revitilize the building.

It’s one of a few things they are looking at. Many projects are planned for neglected communities like Whitehaven that the city feels have a lot of potential, if only they had a boost from public cash.

Dr. Yvonne Nelson can remember a time when businesses thrived at Whitehaven Plaza at the corner of Elvis Presley and Raines.

“Buildings and people and activity,” she said.

It’s a time the city is hoping to get back to. The Accelerate Memphis plan calls from some of the open space in the area to become a public gathering place in hopes that new private development springs up around it.

Nelson said she’s skeptical.

“Until they do something with the crime, I would not want to live in an area that attracts it and that would be an attractive area for somebody who’s looking for criminal activity,” she said.

The city’s also proposing some smaller-scale improvements to streets and sidewalks. Approximately $13.6 million would be divided up among 34 locations including South Third and Fairway.

Planners also want $4 million to make repairs at Mud Island River Park, an overhaul of several problem intersections and $7 million for expanding internet access.

The Memphis City Council will have to vote on this before the city spends any of this money. It’s unclear when the council will hold the vote.