Pistol packing residents run off would be thieves

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SOUTHAVEN,MS.–Southaven police arrested a trio targeting unlocked cars early Tuesday morning. In a twist of events the would be thieves actually ended up asking the residents for mercy.

“She pointed the gun and of course the laser was on him and she said ‘Sir, can I help you?’ Said ‘Oh blankety blank she’s got a gun,'” said Yvonne Johnson.

Before the sun rose over this cove, a trio of would be thieves from Arkansas had the tables turned on them in Mississippi.

“Hate to be known as a pistol packing mama but you have to do what you have to do,” said Johnson.

The trio tried one side of the cove and came face to face with a gun. They went across the street only to find themselves staring at another pistol,this time the neighbor made sure the trio got the message.

“He said ‘Stop where you are or I will shoot you’ and he fired in the air,” added Johnson.

“Put my foot on his back at one point; he’s younger than me — I am 76,” said Jack Wallace.

The shot in the air scared the other two suspects who tried to hide in nearby truck beds and yards, but in no time K9 units tracked down the trio and took them away.

“We all have guns I will tell you that,” said Johnson.

These neighbors said they aren’t afraid to pull them out hoping thieves will think twice before targeting their cove again.

The K-9 unit helped track down the men. Two of the suspects were treated for dog bites.

Wallace said he has more two decades of law enforcement experience and the suspects picked the wrong cove.

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