Pilot Makes Incredible Emergency Landing on I-40

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(Fayette County, TN) A pilot was able to make a prefect emergency landing in the middle of traffic on Interstate 40 Sunday night.

“The good Lord was watching me the whole way and I’m thankful he kept everybody safe and kept us safe on landing,” said pilot Trevor Prather of Lakeland.

Prather said he and three others had traveled to Sikeston, Missouri for dinner Sunday.

After a smooth trip there, on the way back the small Cessna 172 single engine aircraft experienced trouble.

“On the way back the plane started sputtering and the engine started dying. So I was on with Memphis air traffic control which did a great job to let them know I had to land the plane.  I looked around and there was the interstate and another little road off to the side. I decided last minute it would be the interstate we would land and I picked a spot,” said Prather who brought down the plane between an 18-wheeler and a car.

No one was injured and the plane was not damaged.

Tennessee Highway Patrol said by the time they arrived at mile marker 38 on I-40 in Fayette County the plane was on the side of the road and traffic was flowing.

The plane which belonged to a friend of Prather’s was towed to a nearby exit. No word on what caused the engine trouble. But Prather said his training played a part in being able to bring the plane down safely.

“I went through my training and said a little prayer that the Lord would keep us safe and keep the passengers safe. It really just ended up being just a nice landing,” said Prather.

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