Pile of tires removed as residents fight blight in Frayser

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A pile of tires that one blighted a Frayser corner is gone, and one man says he stunned and happy — although no one is sure who took them away.

Cary Allen spotted this huge pile of abandoned tires at the dead-end of Hindman Avenue one afternoon while while driving to his Harbor Town home and complained to the city.

“I’m like a lot of native Memphians,” he said. “I’m kind of tired of seeing the litter. I know the city has it hands full.”

Allen says the sight hit a nerve.

“I grew up in a Frayser neighborhood, graduated from Frayser.”

When WREG went to check it out, the tires were gone, but the city has no record of removing tires from this location. Allen said he noticed it this weekend.

“I was stunned when I came by this weekend and noticed it was gone, removed,” he said.

Allen’s constantly on the lookout for trash as he travels to and from work. He says there’s plenty out there, left by folks who just don’t seem to care.

“It’s not uncommon at all to see someone open a car door and just drop a sack of Wendy’s or from the Walmart where they just got through shopping. It does make you mad when you see it,” he said.

He’s not the only one mad about trash.

Francisco Palas lives in Frayser, not far from where all those tires were dumped. He says five years ago this lot next door was a used tire dumping ground.

He purchased the land and cleaned it up.

Palas says he’s doing his part to improve his neighborhood and hopes others will do the same.

“I don’t want to come home and let my kids see a bunch of garbage,” Palas said. “I don’t want them to grow, thinking that it’s OK to live in that kind of conditions.”

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