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(Memphis) Representative Steve Cohen’s Twitter posts have some calling him a Congressman Casanova, while others say it’s much ado about nothing.

The Congressman from Memphis is accused of sending questionable tweets to a young bikini model from Texas during the state of the union address.

Once he realized they were public, Cohen took them down.

On Victoria Brink’s Facebook page, she has posted pictures of her and Congressman Steve Cohen at a White house Christmas party.

Now, less than a month later, the bachelor Congressman and the blond bombshell are having to answer questions about tweets that have been considered flirty.

Monday night during the State of the Union address, she tweeted to Cohen telling him she saw him on TV.

Moments later, he answered “pleased u r watching. ilu.”

ILU commonly stands for I love you.

He then deleted it and re-posted the message, “nice to know you are watching SOTU (State of the Union).  Happy Valentines beautiful girl. Ilu.”

On her College Dozen profile, Brink said her favorite activities are pool parties and drinking beer-ritas.

I spoke with someone who works for Cohen who said it was all a misunderstanding and he deleted them because he meant to send them over personal message and not publicly.

“This is a family friend.  Someone he knows and he is actually friends with her mother and has known her for years and it was a private message sent,” said Cohen’s congressional staffer Marilyn Dillihay.

Dillihay won’t comment on the relationship with the family friend.

Some of the pictures Brink posted to her Facebook page show the two spending time together in Washington, hobnobbing with Nancy Pelosi, sightseeing at the Lincoln Memorial, even posing together for a picture under the famous JFK portrait in the White House.

The Tennessee Republican party is comparing Cohen to Congressman Anthony Weiner who was forced to resign after he tweeted a picture of his private parts he thought he was secretly sending to a woman.

They Tennessee GOP released a statement saying: “You would think that after Rep. Weiner, was forced to resign due to his inappropriate behavior and use of his official Congressional Twitter account, that members of Congress would hold themselves to a higher standard of conduct.”

Cohen’s staff says there is nothing wrong with his conduct.

“That is just crazy. This is a totally innocent and appropriate conversation between two people who are family friends.  There is no relationship to that,” said Dillihay.

Cohen staff says he will not be making any public statements or comments on the tweets because he is busy with the legislative session this week, and all of this controversy is a distraction.

News Channel 3 reached out to Brink, but she never responded.