Pharmacy offers to give COVID-19 vaccine to MPD employees


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — What started as a phone call to the police department, turned into a distribution drive for MPD employees. 

A pharmacy reached out to the Memphis Police Department and offered to give hundreds of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. At the Memphis Police, Crump Precinct, at the end of Coward Avenue, some of the area’s bravest are leading by example.     

At first glance, it looks like an obstacle course, but Deputy Chief Don Crowe say this is a potential path to normalcy. MPD is used to responding to calls for help. But less than 48 hours ago, the tables were turned, when a call to help was made.

“We have to thank First Pharmacy, who contacted us late Friday and offered this to us if we could set up the logistics to it,” Crowe said.

Instantly the department jumped into action by setting up a drive-thru vaccination site. Here are several snapshots of Saturday’s distribution of nearly 145 doses.     

The next day, the mission is the same.

“This can be either the first dose or second dose,” Crowe said.

One by one, MPD employees pulled in to take advantage of the nearly 400 vaccinations being offered. This comes at a time with hundreds of new COVID cases being reported daily.

In Shelby County alone, there have been more than 82,000 infections with 1,265 deaths.

This drive is a chance to prioritize public servants. But as Deputy Chief Don Crowe points out, this drive is safeguarding city workers to include the force and their families.

“We’ve always said, police officers are exposed to so much, but then they take it home,” Crowe said. “It’s not just protecting the Memphis Police Department employees, but it protects the whole community.”

With each vial representing a dose of optimism, for the men and women who are unable to socially distance.

“They are going to scenes and people tell us on the phone or they tell us when we get on the scene, ‘I have COVID 19, but I still have an emergency,” Crowe said.

The drive will continue Monday, and is a first come, first serve and is only for MPD employees.

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