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(Memphis) The fight to keep a dog from being put to sleep by order of the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County ended.

Today we learned the dog, known as “Truffles” has been euthanized.

The Humane Society honored the foster home’s wish to have Truffles by sending the family her ashes.

The fight to save the dog has a lot of people talking.

“Truffles” was at the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County.

Animal advocates say the shelter planned to put the dog down for biting a child even though and animal advocate with no children wanted to adopt the dog.

Many had been trying to stop it from being euthanized.

This fight to save Truffles went on for about two weeks.

Those who loved the dog said they’d gotten nowhere with negotiating with the director of the Humane Society.

“It’s a tragedy that a child got bitten,” said Bower. “I am not saying that it’s not.”

It’s not clear why the dog, who had always been loving and very friendly, bit the child.

Animal advocates like Bower say the dog deserved a second chance, “And I thought that`s what shelters and rescues were all about.”

Home video of Truffles showed her eating a hamburger and getting kisses.

It was taken by a former volunteer at the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County.

Lisa Naquin fostered the dog before it found a forever home.

Unfortunately, when Truffles got placed in one, she says the dog bit a child who lived there.

Naquin says she volunteered to take the dog back or have a rescue group come get her.

Bower says she even found someone to love her, “He wanted to adopt her and that’s when we ran into this huge standstill. They refused to let anyone even visit her. They said she was in quarantine and was going to be put to sleep.”

They say the Director of the Humane Society, Alexis Amorose, had made a final decision.

“I mean they have taken Michael Vick`s dogs and re-homed them and they were in the most deplorable conditions there were,” said Bower. “The video shows the dog’s not vicious at all. It just needs a different kind of home other than a home with small children.”

We reached out to Amorose numerous times but have been told she is not going to comment on the situation.

“She is unavailable,” said a woman at the Humane Society when we stopped-by in person.

People closest to the dog say it was scheduled to be put to sleep Tuesday, March 26.

Wednesday we tried to find out if she was still alive, but Amorose would not speak with us.

The video below showed Truffle being playful and fun while the Humane Society was actively trying to find a family to adopt here. The video was set to ‘private’ after our story aired.