ARKABUTLA, Miss. — The man charged with killing six people in a mass shooting in Arkabutla, Mississippi will be back in court Thursday.

A church pastor says he remembers the man charged in the crimes, 52-year-old Richard Dale Crum, as a man who kept to himself but didn’t seem dangerous.

The house where Crum lived is now quiet, but sheriff’s deputies say it was one of three deadly stops he made on a shooting spree last Friday.

Another stop, a small home nearby that sits off of Arkabutla Dam Road, belonged to Crum’s stepfather. Officers found two bodies there.

Pastor Jeremy Wooten’s church, Ella Green Missionary Baptist, is just yards away from both homes. He said Crum lived in the home about five years, after moving back from Florida.

“I would see him, you know, go to Dollar General Store, right, and throughout the community, but just never would imagine that he would do something so wrong and so bad,” Wooten said.

He spoke with Crum a few weeks ago.

“He came down, I was down to the church doing a few things, and he came down and shook hands with me. It seemed seemed normal,” Wooten said. “But the reason why I would call them weird is because, a couple of Sundays when we would come into church, he would sit out in his car and play country music for probably about two to three hours.”

He said he didn’t know much about Crum, who kept to himself.

But Wooten did know the stepfather who Crum is suspected of killing, along his stepfather’s sister.

“Stepdad was an amazing guy,” Wooten said. “When I first got to the church six years ago, he came, introduced himself. He always looked after our church. He came, drove around the parking lot, would make sure that everything was okay.”

No one knows what prompted Crum to allegedly kill his stepfather and the stepfather’s sister.

He is also charged with going to the home of his ex-wife Debra Crum and killing her.

At a convenience store not far from his home, store workers told WREG they heard Crum shoot 59-year-old Chris Boyce while he sat in his car.

Boyce’s brother was able to run away. Store clerks say Crum came into the store with his long gun in hand, asking where the brother went.

They say he left when he couldn’t find him.

So far, charges have been filed for only two of the murders that day. Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance explained why.

“There was video information available to us then, as well as witness information. It made us more than comfortable to go ahead and charge the suspect that day,” Lance said.

He said charges for the other four killings at Crum’s house are expected soon.

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Because of threats made since all of this happened, the sheriff says they have taken extra precautions in handling Crum at the Tate County Jail.

Crum’s initial appearance was held Monday, on a day the court was closed for the holiday.

They are still deciding how, and if, Crum will be escorted to the courthouse next door for his next hearing.

“There’s obviously high emotion, anger in the community, on top of the hurt that’s going on,” Lance said.

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A candlelight vigil is being held for the victims of the shooting Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Arkabutla Community Center.