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(Memphis, TN)  It’s not your typical run of the mill church.  A former gas station turned into a place of worship?  “Creation Seventh Day Adventist Church” is now painted on the awning that used to protect drivers filling up in the rain.

There’s a problem though, it’s the same name as a large congregation known around the world. They sued, based on the name being trademarked, and now the gas station turned church has been ordered to come up with a new name.

Assistant pastor Lucan Chartier said the congregation in Guys, Tennessee used to be a part of the bigger church and broke away. He said they worshipped since 1991 and only recently were they sued.

The North American office of the larger church released a statement saying.

“We believe that pastor McGill has the right to exercise his religious beliefs and operate a ministry; however, to falsely identify himself with an organization of which he is not a part, is not acceptable.”

The church is now shut down largely because pastor Walter McGill is locked up arrested for ignoring a court order to change the church name.  He now sits in a California jail reportedly refusing to eat and to ever change the name of his unique church where you can shoot a few hoops while following your faith.