Pastor Accused of Trying to Run Over His Wife

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(Memphis) The divorce between New Salem Missionary Baptist Pastor Frank Ray and his wife Deborah has taken a turn for the worse.

Deborah has now accused her husband of attempting to run her over outside their Eads home on May 25th.

Deborah told police that her husband was upset that she was driving his Bentley when he wasn’t around. She told police that Ray drove his Bentley towards her in  an intimidating manner”. Deborah was not hit by the car.

Pastor Ray says that isn’t what happened, ” I drove my Land Cruiser to the house parked it and got in the Bentley.  My wife came to the door, spoke to me.  I pull off with the Bentley she took pictures while I was pulling off.”

Pastor Ray was pulled over along Highway 64 minutes later.

He was put in the back of a police car while officers questioned his wife but he was released a short time later.

According to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Deborah is not cooperating with the Attorney General’s office, so Pastor Ray will not be prosecuted.

This is the latest in a string of bizarre events surrounding the pastor and his wife.

In December, there was a fight inside New Salem after Pastor Ray finished his sermon.

According to Ray the fight was caused by relatives of his wife. He and his wife separated that day.

In March Pastor Ray filed for divorce. In his complaint he asked for the couples Eads home as well as alimony from his wife.

The divorce has not been finalized.

We knocked on the door at the Eads home where Deborah lives.

No one answered.

She was not injured in the alleged incident.

“I actually love my wife and I have so much respect for her. I would never do that,” said Ray.

“I went and picked up the car she was standing at the door. She never came outside the house. I picked up the car and left.”

“She didn’t want me to get the car and here again emotional problems a person is going to lash out,” added Pastor Ray.

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