MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A young Memphis woman battling a terminal illness is in the fight of her life, and she’s not giving up.

Ashley Mellen, as described by her friend, Debra Larkin, is a sweet young lady. “I watched her grow up with my children at church. About a year ago, she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. That’s just devastating on its own, but she’s got three young children,” said Larkin.

According to Larkin, Ashley has been doing chemo, but her upcoming treatments are going to be expensive. “Her health insurance will pay for portions of this, but still, she’s got flights involved. She has to be there for two weeks, so we’re talking about lodging and food. There are people at home taking care of her children.”

WREG’s Tim Simpson grabbed got money from anonymous donors and News Channel 3 to help relieve some of Ashley’s stress.

Thankful, Ashley stated, “It’s just brought so much peace on this journey that I’ve been on. It’s a hard journey. Just to know that so many care about my family and care about me and are ceaselessly praying for my healing.”

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Stage 4 colon cancer is a tough battle, but Ashley is a fighter. “We’re just doing everything I can to fight it.  We’re working with some wonderful doctors.  Some of the things we’re doing aren’t working anymore, so I’m just trying to continue to keep looking for new treatments and whatever is out there to fight as hard as I can.”

With a host of prayer warriors and wonderful doctors, Ashley Mellen is determined to win this battle.  Keep her in your prayers.