MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Friendship isn’t just for the good times. It’s most important during desperate or trying times.

Debra Moeller and Gina Tyler have been friends since their work days at Hancock Fabrics. Right now, Gina is facing some tough times.

“She was just recently diagnosed with lung cancer. She doesn’t have any medical insurance, and it’s taking a while to get everything for her medical stuff. And she’s not able to work right now,” Debra explained. “She’s having to pay part of her medical bills right now as she goes.  So any help at all is a blessing for her.”

We grabbed the Pass It On cash and found Gina just down the road. About five minutes later, we stepped up to the front door. Debra counted out a total of $1,000 from News Channel 3 and our anonymous donors.

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Gina told us more about the challenges she’s facing.

“It’s been very hard to get insurance.  I was turned down yesterday for TennCare. So I appealed this morning, and it only took two days to turn me down,” she said. “I just need surgery.  I did get on the charity program, but I can’t get the right doctors on the charity program.  It’s hard when you’re sick to try and have to fight this.”

But kindness showed up, and her name was Debra.

“I appreciate her so much. She’s been there since the moment I told her about it. She calls me every day,” Gina said.