MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A mother is mourning the tragic loss of her daughter, but friends are pitching in to offer comfort.

Losing a friend or family member can be so difficult, but losing your own child is devastating. Our playmaker Tammy Salazar told us about her friend.

“Her name is Wondanitra Malone, and her daughter was in a real bad, terrible accident on March the 17th where she was shot six times,” she said.

WREG covered the interstate shooting, which sent two people to the hospital. One of the victims, Delisha Houston, did not survive her injuries.

Delisha Houston

“She’s been in the hospital for three weeks, but as of yesterday, she passed away. God took her wings, took her, and gave her wings and now she’s gone. Her mom Wonda is such a sweet person. She’s been by her daughter’s side since day one,” Tammy said.

The long hours at the hospital caring for her daughter and being out of work have left Wondanitra struggling financially.

We grabbed the Pass It On cash, and Tammy and her family loaded up for the trip to Wonda’s house.

“I did a Pass It On for you because I know you’ve been struggling,” Tammy told Wonda. “Here’s a thousand dollars for you baby. Here’s a thousand dollars for you.”

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It has been a very emotional time.

“Thanks so much, thanks so much. I really appreciate it. Lord,” Wonda said. “I’m so thankful for her. I’m so thankful cause she’s been with me down this road. I love you boo.”

After a few minutes passed, Wonda told us about her daughter.

“She loved school. She was so smart. She graduated in the top ten. I mean, she was outstanding.  She was never disrespectful. She always kept two jobs since she was 14 years old,” she said. “She was so sweet and just loved by everyone.”

These are difficult days for Wondanitra and her family. They’re simply trying to understand why anyone would senselessly take her daughter’s life.