MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two women are more than just neighbors after years of watching over each other, and when one found herself in a tough situation, the other reached out to WREG for help.

Bridgett Fitzgerald wanted to help Jackie Lawrence after a devastating loss.

“Her husband passed away last month, and she’s lost his income, and she’s on disability,” she said. “I’m afraid she’s going to lose her home because his insurance money didn’t come for his burial. She had to have it for two years, and she’s going to use her rent money and whatever money she can scrape up to bury him.”

We gave Bridgett $1,000 in Pass It On cash, and she called Jackie, who thought they were about to go grocery shopping. When Jackie sees us, she knows things are about to take a turn for the better.

“I am so thankful for who all had a part in this. I am so so, so, so thankful I really appreciate you all. I really do,” Jackie said.

Jackie shared with us how her and Bridgett’s friendship began.

“I met Bridgett when I had heart surgery and the lights were off. She went around the neighborhood and got cords and ran lights from her sisters house to my house so I could have my heart machine plugged up so they can still monitor me,” she explained. “And, that’s how I met Bridgett and we’re like two peas in a pod. Cagney and Lacey. That’s me and her.”

Jackie said Bridgett has been there for her since her husband Leo, an Army veteran, passed away on September 12. She had to wait on her disability check to pay for his cremation.

“I had to pay out of pocket so when I paid it, I just went and paid it gave him my card and paid it and walked out with tears but I said ‘Thank you, Jesus,'” she said.

Her husband’s cremation is paid in full now and he’s set to be buried on October 20, but there was no money left for anything else until Bridgett stepped in to pass it on.