MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A South Memphis woman has been struggling since she was diagnosed with COVID-19 last year, but she got some help this week from News Channel 3 and our anonymous donors.

Karen Jones has two children with disabilities. She knows first-hand that it can be challenging for parents to navigate these issues. But a diagnosis last year put her in a tailspin.

Our playmaker John Taylor told us more.

“She has fibroids, tumors in her stomach, she has arthritis in her knees and her hands. And it’s very difficult for her to move around at times and work with her hands,” he said. “She’s going through a disability case right now, and you know it’s a process, and she’s on the verge of getting evicted. She can’t afford medications, and you know, it’s hard.”

After John loaded up, we were on our way to find Karen just a few miles down the road. John knocked on her door and told her why we were there.

“I know you’ve been struggling to obtain your medication and other things. I hope I can embrace you by passing this money on behalf of Channel 3,” John said.

John counted out $1,000.

“And I hope this will be a blessing to you to get your medicine and put some on your rent,” he said.

Karen is dealing with some complicated issues, but the money she received will definitely help. She told us about why she has been struggling.

“Last August, I was hit with COVID. I almost lost my life. So, the long COVID issues has exacerbated pre-existing issues as well as onset of others. I’m seeing so many doctors, going through so many things,” she said. “To be terminated while I had COVID, actually fighting for my life, that has been the worst hit, the worst blow of everything I’ve experienced.”

She said the new challenges have been difficult for her.

“Working with people with disabilities has been something that has been close to my heart for a long time because I have two children with disabilities as well,” Karen said. “So now to have disabilities myself and to try and navigate myself through the system has been very hard.”