HERNANDO, Miss.– A woman in Hernando, Mississippi, is recovering from multiple eye surgeries, and her church family is there for support.

WREG’s Tim Simpson met with Phyllis and her friends at Conger Park, where they gathered in support of their dear friend Mary Bledsoe.

“Well, we’re here because of God for one. Two, Mary Bledsoe, a young lady we love. She’s been going through with her vision. She’s been having problems with her vision since January.”

Those vision problems have required surgery and time off from work.

“January 19th she had her first surgery. October 19th she had her last surgery, which was yesterday. But between this time, during this time, she’s had six surgeries on her left eye, one surgery on her right eye,” Phyllis said. “I’ve seen her shed tears, I’ve seen her in pain, but Psalms 34, she still blesses the Lord at all times.”

Phyllis and her entourage of family and church members headed to their cars for the trip to Mary’s house.

Mary was greeted by some of her favorite church singers and received a total of $2,000 with the help of WREG, our anonymous donors, and her church family.

How did Mary feel about the unexpected attention?

“This makes me feel really blessed to know that I have so many people that love me and care about me. I just thank God,” Mary said. “All of my church members, they’ve just been here taking care of me and I just thank God for it.”

Through all seven surgeries, Mary has kept a good attitude.

“So hopefully, after this, I’m trusting God, my sight is going to come back,” she said. “We need to stop… complaining. Complaining. We need to stop right now, thank you Lord.”