MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman battling cancer has leaned on support from the staff at the clinic where she gets treatment for more than a year, but this time, the tables have turned.

Terrica Holloway has spent the last year going back and forth to the West Cancer Center for treatment. She asked us if we could surprise Ashley Jackson, who works at the cancer center, with $1,000 from Pass It On.

“Every three weeks, I may see her because she’s a phlebotomist, and I may see her and talk to her, and she’s usually smiling, and she still had her smile, but she confided that she was going through some hardships,” Terrica said.

So, we got Ashley’s supervisor to bring her outside.

When she arrived, Terrica explained that she brought WREG along to help lighten her financial load. She counted out the Pass It On money — $300 from WREG and $700 from our anonymous donor.

“There’s a thousands dollars there because you smile every time I see you,” Terrica said. “And you have that comforting spirit for all of us that are fighting for our lives here, so thank you. So in your time of need, you should be receiving something because you give us that every day you touched me, you really did.”

Ashley told us how the money will help her and her family.

“It’s gonna help a lot, a lot, especially with my 9-year-old,” she said. “With him needing winter, clothes and stuff like that, it’s going to help a whole, whole lot.”

She explained that her son also suffers from asthma and the expenses that go along with that, plus her husband is still looking for work.

“My husband lost his job back in July, the job shut down. And he hasn’t had any luck finding anything, and my parents house burned down because we were going to actually move from our home and move at my parents to save some money, and then that tragedy happened to my mom’s house, so it’s just been a lot,” Ashley said.

Ashley’s compassion continues to shine through her own troubles by helping bring hope to the patients she interacts with everyday.

“They make me want to come to work every day like I love what I do. I’ve actually been doing is 13 years,” Ashley said.