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Many people unfortunately claim the status of homeless. But one Memphis mom and her kids are getting some help thanks to an apartment manager with a big heart, and News Channel 3’s Pass It On.

Sheran Woods, the apartment manager, explained the situation. She was walking though one of her vacant units and found a young lady living there with her five kids. 

But Sheran didn’t call the police.

“I tried not to cry first of all,” she said. “I talked to her and everything. Such a sad situation. That’s when I came back to the office and got with the ladies and said we’re going to e-mail Tim Simpson.”

Sheran has a heart of gold. She is doing everything she can to help this mother and her five kids.

We went with Sheran to visit Tierra Williams and her kids at the apartment.

“We ended up losing our place so we don’t have nowhere to go. So we’ve been kicking it over here,” Tierra said. “It’s kind of hard for us. And since they done went virtual it’s kind of hard for me to get a job and stuff like that. So we’ve been without a place for four months now.”

We had $300 from News Channel 3 and $700 from our anonymous donors for a total of $1,000.

Tierra has some very bright children and a very understanding apartment manager.  

“If she had just known me for just that day and then do all this right here. I’m very thankful for her,” Tierra said. “It’s just opened me up and warmed me up to have somebody to have my back, alone and just us.”