WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — A family is still mourning over the loss of their loved one who was shot and killed in West Memphis, Arkansas almost a month ago.

With the Hampton family dealing with such a tragic loss, playmaker Tiffany Franklin wanted to help.

“Her name is Christle Hampton and she recently, October 8th lost her daughter due to domestic violence. Jakeya Hampton, so we’re saying Justice for Jakeya,” Franklin said.  “She has three other children and then she has three grandchildren and they’re all in the same house.”

Christle and her daughter Jakeya had a business together.

Christle Hampton and her daughter Jakeya

“So they had a hair braiding business that the two of them shared but in light of all of this, she’s kind of wanting to step away from this,” Franklin said.

Transportation has also been an issue.

“The car that they had was actually the daughter’s car, so now we’re dealing with that situation,” Franklin said.

We didn’t waste any time. Tiffany loaded up and we arrived at Christle’s home just moments later. As Christle came out to meet us, Tiffany was full of encouragement.

“I told you that no matter what, just continue to trust God and trust the process,” Tiffany said.

With the help of WREG and our anonymous donors, Tiffany was able to give Christle $1,000 to help her and her family. Tiffany and her friends also added an extra $200.

And what does this signal to Christle?

“That people care and I know that God is definitely looking over me, supplying all my needs,” Christle said. “I love them, I love them.  I tell them every day how much.  Like they don’t even understand like my words can’t even express to them how I feel.”

Tragedy has brought this family even closer together. Jakeya’s aunt, Donita Robinson, has a message for others who may be in an abusive relationship.

“We just want to get the word out. If you’re dealing with domestic violence, kinda like, get away from it. Tell somebody definitely,” she said.

Jakeya’s family is going through tremendous loss but they are honoring her memory by making sure it doesn’t happen to someone else.