MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Vince and Jeri Leyva are loved by all who know them. However, this past year has been a year of health challenges for the Leyvas.

Our playmaker Laura Talley told us about their situation.

“Jeri is a stay-at-home grandma.  She helped me out with my daughter when I needed help.  She didn’t even know me. Took care of my daughter so I could work. They’re just good people,” Laura said. “They’re the type of people that would never ask anyone for anything. Vince came down with cancer and ended up not being able to work.”

In the process, they’ve lost almost everything. They had to move and they are living somewhere else now.

“They’re living in their son’s garage,” Laura said.

We loaded up and made the drive to find Vince and Jeri Leyva. Laura and her girls were ready to spring this surprise.

“So I reached out to News Channel 3 because I know you and Jeri are going through a lot right now. You guys are good people. You would never ask for anything and I just wanted to help you guys out,” Laura said.

She gave the Leyvas $1,000 from us and our anonymous donors. The money will help the Leyvas keep their health insurance.

“Wow, thanks, guys. I’m speechless. I’m speechless. I really am. I’ve been fighting cancer. Thank you, thank you so much,” Vince said.

It’s been a difficult year and the chemo treatments have been tough.

“Since December 15th. They told me ‘Vince, you have cancer.’  And it’s just been a really rough road since then,” Vince said. “Now I’m going to have to go back to Dallas to get more surgery.”

Vince has also faced other tough situations in the past.

“I’m a vet. I served in the Persian Gulf.  I served in Berlin when the wall came down. I’m so used to helping people that this is the first time,” he said.

Vince’s wife Jeri was very touched by this act of kindness.

“Thank y’all for everything. We appreciate it,” she said.